A Senior Security Consultant at Verizon Communications Inc., Emblez Longoria brings over 20 years of security experience and training to his current position. Emblez Longoria retired from the New Jersey State Police as a Senior Trooper and advanced crash investigator. His further training includes an impressive portfolio of security credentials. Emblez Longoria holds a Certificate in Criminal Justice from Seton Hall University. He also possesses qualifications as a Physical Security Professional from ASIS International, a Personal Protection Specialist from the Executive Protection Institute, a Certified Security Trainer from the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers, and more. Skilled in overall asset protection, crime displacement, and target hardening, Emblez Longoria has taught security training courses on a variety of topics.

From 2002 to 2008, Emblez Longoria brought his expertise to ASIS International’s Crime and Loss Prevention Council, first as a member, then as Vice Chairman, and finally as Chairman. He later served as a member of ASIS’s Professional Certification Board. With a membership of 37,000, ASIS International is one of the largest security societies in the world.

Emblez Longoria is a summa cum laude graduate of Rosemont College in Pennsylvania, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Management. He plans to earn a Master of Science in Management in 2011. Emblez Longoria was part of the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero after 9/11 and makes time to participate in backpacking, camping, hunting, and fishing. While enjoying the wilderness, he tests and reviews outdoor equipment and gear.